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When was the last time a customer burst through the front door of your main branch with a suitcase full of cash and rejoiced, “Finally — a sound and stable financial institution with a staff of great people!”

Nice day dream.

And yet, you have to wonder: what would it take to get new customers to stampede through the front door — or to your home page — with a palpable sense of glee?

You’d probably have to change a few things about the way you engage them. And that’s why you’ve got Epicosity.

We transform the way financial institutions connect with customers and grow relationships. That starts by extracting you from your comfort zone.


Pushing Limits

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Your Story Doesn't Belong In A Safe Deposit Box

Bank leaders manage risk. Maximize gain, minimize loss. Grow deposits, grow lending. Promote the right product at the right time. Keep customers happy. Keep the board happy. Keep reasonably up to date with tech – but whoa, people, don’t get too far out there.

Most succeed here by cultivating a strong instinct for risk aversion. And yet, most of them also want to compete and win.

How do you reconcile those two?

Here’s the thing: bank marketing isn’t the same thing as banking. We’re in a competition for attention. And the people we need to reach aren’t just predisposed to stick with their current bank; they’re in open rebellion against advertising across the board.


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At Epicosity, that’s something we do very well."


"The modern media landscape has turned upside down. The FI scales now tilt toward online disrupters. And we’re competing against something much bigger than other FIs now. We’re competing against the entire Internet.

At Epicosity, that’s something we do very well."

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We believe focused teams can accomplish anything.

From executive leadership, to account service, creative, and strategy – our Vault (finance) team is here to support and extend your team's capacity and resources.


Nikki Doherty

Brand Ambassador


Heather Covrig

Heather Covrig

VP of Account Services


Katie Levitt

Katie Levitt

Director of Insights


EpicosityScott Wiechmann01 Low Res

Scott Wiechmann

Creative Director


Seth Edblom_WEB_Headshot

Seth Edblom

Art Director


Cooper Chwialkowski_WEB_Headshot

Cooper Chwialkowski

Digital Media Coordinator


Ryan Velgersdyk_WEB_Headshot

Ryan Velgersdyk

Art Director


Paul Thompson

Paul Thompson

Media Buyer/Planner


Seth Bjordal_WEB_Headshot

Seth Bjordal

Account Executive


Nicholas Carrier-Damon

Nicholas Carrier-Damon

Project Manager


Jay Bachmayer

Jay Bachmayer

Growth Strategist


Max Hofer_WEB_Headshot

Max Hofer



Nikki D.-Epic-New Headshot

Nikki Doherty

Brand Ambassador

Time to Break Free

Are You Ready for a Bolder Brand?

Our brand ambassador Nikki Doherty will help show you the path to get there. It's a journey, and we'll be by your side – every step of the way.



Our mission is to awaken champions - in our clients, our team, our community, and in those we work alongside. 

For each of them, this can mean something different. 

However massive or humble that moment is, our promise to you is to help create it with you. 

Instead of being next at something, what about being first at something else - the first to nail an unmet business need, the first to tap into a new market, the first to buck industry-wide trends. 


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