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Jay BachmayerMay, 4, 20231 min read

EB Exclusive: Mortgage Banker Storms off Commercial After Director Asked Her to Stop Making Finger Guns.

HOLLYWOOD, CA–It was a dramatic day on set of the latest commercial for First Federal First Bank Trust and Federally Trusted National Credit Union, as employee and self-proclaimed “actor” Jade Bachmeyer stormed off the set, screaming. “I just told her not to do finger guns,” said Shoot Director, Cam Corddry. “I seriously don’t get it.” Insiders tell us that Bachmeyer is nowhere to be found. Corddry remains firm, “I mean, there’s still plenty of day left; we could just get someone else.” This is a developing story. 

UPDATE – Corddry got someone else. FFFBTFTNCU Manager Derek Smovertsen has given a statement on the whereabouts of Bachmeyer, “She’s probably just back at her desk. I mean, she can’t just leave, she’s got clients waiting on her.”

In related news, marketing experts at Epicosity stress caution of using employees in financial institution marketing efforts.

We’re not saying this because employees will be drama-queens (although, to each their own). There’s a lot to account for when using your own employees to market your FI. Sure, it could be more cost-effective than hiring a professional model or actor, but what if that employee quits a few weeks later? Then it’s back to square one – and you have to spend even more money to update your marketing.

Look, we get it. You’re a local bank that wants to emphasize it’s locality, but there are other, better ways to do it. Some banks think it’s smart to use familiar faces to highlight their banks, but it’s far riskier than they think. The one’s that do, we call “EveryBanks.” They stick to the tried-and-true formula because “it works.” It doesn’t.

There’s nothing wrong with having more money backing your marketing efforts from the get-go – especially when it will pay off more for you in the long run. Epicosity Brand Ambassador Nikki Doherty has your back as well. She’s seen it all and can help you become the model bank.

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Jay Bachmayer

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