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The Going RateMarch, 24, 2023< 1 min read

The Going Rate Podcast with Jay and Nikki - Marketing to Your Target Audience - Episode 2

In the sea of financial marketing, it can be tough to make a splash. That’s why marketing experts Nikki Doherty and Jay Bachmayer are here to help your FI brand look its best. Every week, they’ll explore the latest in the financial marketing brand world, from popular trends to mind-blowing insights. If you want to take your brand to the next level, then you should follow The Going Rate.

Marketing to Your Target Audience

How does one market their message to a target audience? Like a custom, tailored suit, it’s important that it fits the person wearing it. In today’s episode, Jay and Nikki discuss how to “find an audience within the audience” and best practices when it comes to target marketing.

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