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Jay BachmayerApril, 21, 20231 min read

This Just In: Bald Eagle has Feathers Ruffled After Being Exposed by Too Many Financial Institution Brands.

CANADA–“It just feels very exploitative, you know? Like, I have no sense of my own identity anymore.” Former child star and current, actual, real-life eagle Robert E. Swoop is speaking out against FI marketers for “overusing” his likeness in their marketing efforts. The popular icon is perhaps most recognizable for being the face of probably every bank or credit union you’ve ever seen. “When I was a kid, my mom flew me in to audition for, what I thought was, a small, local ad campaign. Now, it’s nationwide and they’re still using it.” Looking back, Swoop says while he can’t change the past, he does wish he would’ve looked closer at his contract. “They don’t pay me squawk.”

In related news, F.I. marketing experts at Epicosity explain how using similar imagery in your brand identity will only make you blend into the competition.

For financial institutions, we get that there’s a certain level of iconography that people associate with banks and credit unions. Take the mighty bald eagle, for example. But, when every bank and credit union under the sun is using the same icon, it dilutes the impact of the brand. Plus, it causes you to blend in with the competition.

For those that would rather use the oversaturated, safe imagery (eagles, trees, stars, etc.) we call them EveryBANKs. These are banks that market themselves like other banks because they believe it’s successful. You don’t want to be familiar. You want to stand out. While selecting a new icon sounds easy enough, it’s a lot more than just “picking something different.” You have to do it with intent.

Discovering that new look is an intimidating process. We suggest starting with a brand audit. If you’ve never done one, let our Brand Ambassador Nikki Doherty show you what it takes. When you’re ready to make that change, we’ll be with you every step of the way.

If you do wish to stick with bird imagery, we recommend the Dickcissel. That’s a real bird. Look it up.

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Jay Bachmayer

Jay specializes in Finance marketing strategies. He works hand in hand with bank and credit union marketing teams to set goals, launch campaigns, and analyze results. With years of digital, content, and general marketing experience, Jay dedicates himself to connecting modern marketing strategies to financial institutions.