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Jay BachmayerMarch, 9, 20231 min read

Experts Warn of Worldwide Handshake Image Shortage if Bank Marketers Don't Slow Consumption

NEW YORK–A recent report from the People for Open & Outstretched Palms (POOP) claims the overuse of handshake images displayed in bank marketing could cause a worldwide shortage. “People need to get a grip,” said POOP Director Cash Mundy. “We understand the desire for marketers to hang on, but, like every handshake, you eventually have to let go.” Independent artists behind other classic images like, “Man Points at Document” and “Woman on Laptop” have offered to donate to starving marketers, but rumors have it that they refuse to bite. POOP estimates that if patterns don’t change, handshake imagery could be declared endangered as early as 2024. We’ve reached out to bank marketers to comment on the over-usage. For those worried about the handshake photo famine, Mundy says, “we’re handling it.

In related news, F.I. marketing experts at Epicosity explain how stock photography causes you to blend in with the competition.

For a financial institution, we understand that there’s a certain level of iconography that people associate with banks or credit unions. That makes sense. But, when every bank and credit union under the sun is using similar images for their marketing, (i.e., the infamous handshake photo) all of them start to blur together.

That doesn’t help anyone – especially your own brand. We believe there’s still a way to achieve a connection with the intended audience yet emphasize an F.I.’s own unique identity. For those that would rather use the oversaturated, safe imagery (handshakes, big checks, etc.), we call them EveryBANKs. These are banks that market themselves like other banks because they believe it’s successful.

Why blend in when you can stand out? Embrace your own brand identity and create new imagery that represents not just banking but your specific brand. Let our Brand Ambassador Nikki Doherty show you how to get there. It’s a journey, and we’ll be by your side every step of the way.

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Jay Bachmayer

Jay specializes in Finance marketing strategies. He works hand in hand with bank and credit union marketing teams to set goals, launch campaigns, and analyze results. With years of digital, content, and general marketing experience, Jay dedicates himself to connecting modern marketing strategies to financial institutions.